magnate RINEHART

Or Your income vs. hers


65 minute(s)

This is the time that Georgina Rinehart takes to earn
$ 10,000

A schooner in a pub ($ 4.1) is, for you, an equivalent to an expenditure of $ 9300 for Georgina.
You earn that much in, approximately, 3 month.

Things you could buy with
$ 18.87 billion

Boeing 777 (catalog price)

Gold Bars

Kylie Minogue

Space flights

You need 7777 years to earn this fortune acquired by Georgina in 1 year .

Another comparison

vs. Hugh Jackman

If Hugh Jackman was offered an
Aston Martin One-77  ,
Georgina could afford
M/Y Eclipse Yacht
.... twice !

vs. the man in the street

A bus ticket ($3.5) in Sydney corresponds to an expenditure of $957,174 aproximately the equivalent of
the 5 most expensive paintings in the world + $90,000

Since you started reading this page
Georgina would have earned $ 13000
and you : $ 5
(in 25 seconds)

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